Your first tuition session

So you've chatted with your potential private tutor and you've arranged a date and time. Well, what's next? Here are a few things that you'll need to know for your first session and all your future sessions after that as well as, and most importantly, how to stay safe.

Their contact information

Remember that once you've accepted a suggested meeting time, or they've accepted yours, then both of you will receive each other's full contact information via email and on Tutlings. You can always access this information by going to your Inbox and clicking on their name - you'll see their contact info at the top. Or, any session that you have in your calendar with them also shows their contact information alongside the session details. Whilst it's great to have their mobile number, we always recommend sending messages via Tutlings to have all your discussions in one place - makes it easier.

What to expect at your first session

The day before your first session you'll receive a text and email reminder about where and when it's happening. If you're a parent organising the tuition on behalf of your child, then we recommend that you stay present for the initial session - be it at the tutors house, yours or someone inbetween. Tutor's will not be offended by this and are aware that this is common practice. We also recommend that you ask the person at your first meeting for photo identification of some sort, as well as any references they have on file and/or certifications they say they have. We tell all tutors to carry this information with them for the first session.

How to pay your tutor

You'll pay your tutor directly for their time at the end of the session and only the amount that you agreed to, which is displayed in your confirmation email - typically just their hourly rate. There are NO FEES for the Tutlings service other than the tutor's hourly rate. We're hoping to keep it this way for as long as possible but we'll need you to keep using the site to achieve this!

Remember to be safe

It's important to be safe. Don't feel shy asking for as much information as possible to make you comfortable that the person is who they say they are. If at any stage you feel unsure, don't be afraid to just walk away - it's completely understandable and we tell the tutors to expect this should the student / parent not feel comfortable. We would also like to be informed of any time this does happen so please get in touch with us via your Inbox to inform us of any person who you feel may be misleading people on the site - we take this very seriously and will remove their profiles with immediate effect, no questions asked. Truth is, most people out there are great, friendly, and just like you, so this should rarely be a problem.

After your first session

Once you're finished with your first session, you'll be sent an email asking you to review the tutor, which will then be added to their profile to attract more students - it's one of the easiest ways to help out your tutor and the community, if you've had a great experience! If you arranged for any future sessions, the tutor will then add them to their calendar and you'll receive a message about this on your dashboard. When it's time for your next session, you'll be reminded of it the night before, same as the first session. If your tutor hasn't added the future sessions to your Tutlings calendar for you, you should get in touch with them to ask them to do it. Not only does it mean you receive reminders of upcoming sessions, you'll also have piece of mind that all your ongoing tuition is all in one place and benefit from the great features of the Tutlings tutoring platform.