Becoming a private tutor

We're trying to change private tuition for the better. We believe that having a private tutor shouldn't cost the earth. That's why we don't charge any fees and we also allow tutors to set their own hourly rate for each subject. Even if you're new to private tuition, are a very experienced tutor or just feel like helping out someone who lives nearby, you can create a free profile on Tutlings - it only takes a few minutes and you'll just need a photo of yourself.

Benefits of using Tutlings

There are a bunch of reasons why Tutlings is great for tutors. Not only are we a service who currently charges NO FEES for meeting with new students, we are also all about trying to provide a professional looking platform for tutors to use for all of their ongoing sessions. Here's just a small list of items that you will benefit from when you sign up for a free profile on Tutlings:

  • FREE featured profile for new tutors
  • Text reminders for your students the night before their next session
  • Online note keeping against each session
  • Live messenger chat with your students
  • FREE online video sessions if you need to tutor from a distance
  • Invite existing or past students to use Tutlings and benefit from all of the above for free
  • Get paid your entire hourly rate - that's right, we have NO FEES.
Create a free profile

What you need to create a profile

Quite simply, all you need is a few minutes of your time and a photo of yourself. We also ask that all tutors provide a reference from a past student - which is as simple as providing us their name and email address and we'll send them a friendly request for one. You can find this once logged in by clicking on boost your profile. That's all you need to get started. Once we've reviewed your profile, we'll put it live on our site and you'll instantly start appearing in search results.

How parents and new students will get hold of you

If a student or parent finds your profile interesting and wants to chat further, they'll send you a tutor request that will have basic information about what kind of tutor they're looking for and an idea of how often they'll need you, and which times suit them best. You'll be sent a text message and email about the new request, at which point you'll be able to chat directly with them using our awesome messaging tool. Once you're both happy to proceed, either of you just click "suggest a date and time" and Tutlings will take care of all the rest for you - including confirming the date, time and place - and then provide you with each other's contact information so you can get hold of them in case there's a problem. This also adds a session into your Tutlings calendar, which enables you to add any session notes to, send further messages, or even cancel if you can no longer make it.

Your first session

Once you've arranged your first session via Tutlings, you'll be reminded the night before of your upcoming session and you'll be able to see your students full contact information via the site by clicking on the session within your calendar. If it's an online session, that's the same page you'll go to when it's time to start the session. If it's in person, then you'll head along to the arranged location at the time you both agreed to. We take safety on Tutlings very seriously so we ask that the parents / students request to see photo ID, references and proof of qualifications (where necessary) at the first session. Don't be offended if this is asked of you - it's normal - and they're just trying to be safe. You're entitled to do the same of them - and we recommend that you either meet somewhere neutral for the first session or let a friend know where you are - just to be safe. Truth is, most people out there are great, friendly, and just like you.

After your first session

Once you're finished with your first session, we'll ask them to review you, which will then be added to your profile to attract more students! Log on to Tutlings and mark your first session as paid and whilst you're there, add any future sessions into your calendar to benefit from: reminding both you and your student the night before your next session happens, adding session notes and documents, keeping track of payments, cancellations and above all - looking very professional indeed. It's all FREE.

Create a free profile