Frequently asked questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, we're always happy to answer any questions you have over email. You can either use the contact us page or drop us an email.

It's a word used to describe your tutees - it's mostly used in South Africa, where one of the co-founders studied. People would always refer to their tutorial class students as 'tutlings'. We liked the name and thought it sounded better than the more commonly used 'tutees' or 'students'.
You'll be automatically sent a link to provide a reference after your first session with them. Tutors are also given a unique link that they can pass on to their students to provide references - just ask for theirs, it can be found on their profile setting page once they're logged in.
To have a profile on Tutlings all tutors are required to upload a picture, it needs to show your face clearly and not have anyone else in it. We will check your photo before it goes live on the website. Students can also add a profile photo to add to the community that Tutlings tries to foster - but it's not a requirement.
Once a session has been arranged it is up to tutor and student to decide this. Tutlings plays no role in how or when you get paid, we are simply a platform in which you can connect with other interested people and manage your tuition.
Profile photos have to conform to minimum and maximum size requirements. The image needs to be larger than 200x200 (in pixels) and smaller than 10Mb (megabytes). If either of these requirements are not met, the uploader will give you an error telling you this. The most common problem is that the picture chosen is too small - make sure it's a decent size and clearly shows your face in the image. Most pictures on sites like Facebook will be large enough to upload.
We have a moderation process on all photos being uploaded to the site. Our requirements on profile photos are that they show your face clearly, don't have any other people in the image and are the right way up. Most often users don't realise there is a cropping feature that appears after the image is uploaded. This feature allows you to select the area of the image that you would like to be contained within your profile photo and submitted for moderation. Make sure you're making this cropping selection before submitting your profile otherwise it may be rejected by our friendly moderators.
Once you have created a tutor profile, it is submitted for moderation which can take up to 24 hours - it's most often less than an hour. Until this moderation is completed and we are happy with your profile, it will not appear within search results. You will receive an email once the moderators have approved your profile. If your profile photo has been approved and you are still not appearing in results, check your Profile page within your account which has a feature that allows you to disable your profile from search. Ensure that this is not selected. If you're still having difficulties, just drop us a message via the messaging area once logged in.
We're a new site and a new concept. We're going to try and offer it for free as long as we are able to, and we'll be introducing some premium membership benefits some time in the near future which will enable tutors to have access to even more exciting features on Tutlings. We'll always keep you in the loop on any new features and membership offers. Otherwise, you can be happy in the knowledge that Tutlings won't charge you a penny to get in touch with other users.
We do! And if there are any other subjects that you would like to tutor as a second language, please let us know via the contact page or just send us a message through your messaging area once logged in.
We're always open to suggestions for new subjects - just send us a message with the details of the subject - we'll have a look over it and let you know if we're able to add it to the site. We've already had quite a few suggestions from users that have been added to the site within a few hours of them letting us know, so don't hesitate.
If you're no longer accepting any new students and don't want to appear in search results, you can just disable your profile via your profile settings. Login and click your name on the top menu, then select Profile. There's a dropdown on the top right of the page, click that and select Disable Profile. You can always re-enable it at any time - how great! If for some reason you want to remove your entire account from Tutlings, just drop Tutlings Support a message via your Inbox and we'll take care of it for you.